Order Custom Made Flat Cats Online

Follow the process below to order your custom Flat Cat online.



Step 1 - Gather the correct sizes for your windows

Read our form about sizing your windows. This form will confirm if you need a standard Flat Cat or a custom made Flat Cat. You will need to complete this form in order to complete "Step 2" below.

If, after completing the sizing form, you decide that you require a custom made Flat Cat then please read on.

Please also read our download "Safety for your Cat" - Click here to download our guide.

Step 2 - Ordering your custom made Flat Cat online

Custom made Flat Cats are priced from £47.99 (inc P&P and VAT) with discounts for larger numbers. Custom Flat cats are made to your specific size.

For current shipping times please see our delivery information

NB: Please note that the maximum width for a Flat Cat (Measurement A) is 140cm, there is no restriction on height.

Complete the Online Order below:

1) Select the number of Flat cats that you would like to order
2) Select the combination of mesh and fixings colour that you prefer
3) Enter measurements A & D from your sizing sheet [ NB. - Measurement A is the width of the window INCLUDING the static frame on both sides. Measurement D is the height of the window INCLUDING the frame at the top and bottom]. (for example your entry may read "100cm x 120cm"). Leave blank any boxes not applicable to your order.
4) Check through your order and click "add to cart" - Any questions call us on 01526 833660
5) For orders of more than 6 Flat cats please call us for a price..

Buy Custom Flat Cats

Prices including P&P and VAT are as follows:
Single Custom Flat Cats Screen: £47.99 inc P&P and VAT

Two Custom Flat Cats Screens: £83.98 inc P&P and VAT
Three Custom Flat Cats Screens: £117.58 inc P&P and VAT
Four Custom Flat Cats Screens: £148.76 inc P&P and VAT
Five Custom Flat Cats Screens: £177.55 inc P&P and VAT
Six Custom Flat Cats Screens: £203.94 inc P&P and VAT

NB: VAT and P&P will be added to the prices in the form below at checkout

Number of Flat Cats required
Please select colour of mesh and fixings
Screen 1 enter figures A and D
Screen 2 enter figures A and D
Screen 3 enter figures A and D
Screen 4 enter figures A and D
Screen 5 enter figures A and D
Screen 6 enter figures A and D
Solution Graphics

If you have any questions just call us on 01526 833660, we are always happy to help.

Remember that Flat Cats offer a full 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with complete confidence

Customer comments

Dear Dominic - I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic product you have. Our cat decided to start attempting to abscond out the windows a few weeks ago- just as the weather started to get hot hot hot. We've had to keep the windows closed for fear he might fall out (he's not the most dainty or co-ordinated boy!) and it has been unbearably hot. 10 minutes after the postman delivered the Flat Cats, we have them fitted, the windows are wide open and we can have a fresh breeze without needing to wonder what the cat is up to. Thank you so much for an ingenious product!
LW. Stafford, Staffordshire

Just wanted to say thank you - my flat cat arrived today and fits the door beautifully! I am now sitting with the door open knowing my fur babies cannot get out.
RF. Thornton Heath, Surrey

Hi Dominic, well it’s been a few weeks since I fitted the three screens and I have to say, they’ve made such a difference to all our lives!  A great invention and I’ve shared your website with all who will listen! Thank you again.
WK. London W1F